Lipidomics Chronicles

The Lipidomics Forum conference series started in 2015 as an initiative of Robert Ahrends and Dominik Schwudke to provide a platform for lipid analytics and lipidomics. As core theme of each installment of the series, we discuss newest analytical developments including pre-analytics, sample preparation, instrumental innovation and informatics approaches. For each of the Lipidomics Forum conferences, we choose additional themes around biomedical reasearch inviting experts in the chosen field. In 2024, we will discuss microbial lipids and the role of lipids in infectious diseases.

Nowadays, the Lipidomics Forum conferences are a joint effort of the University of Vienna, Research Center Borstel and the International Lipidomics Society. It is further supported by the German Society for Mass Spectrometry (DGMS) to promote lipidomics research at national and European level. Since 2017, the Lipidomics Informatics for Life Science consortium (LIFS), part of the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure-de.NBI, has supported us organizing the LIFS bioinformatics tools workshop.